Soldier Stopped From Boarding Plane For Crying


An Overwhelming Moment

This was unlike him, and the soldier was stunned by what had come over him. The wetness from his eyes began pouring over his cheeks, and it seemed there was nothing he could do to stop it. However, it seemed to worsen when they stopped him at the gates.

That's when he heard something that made his blood run cold. "Stop! Don't let him onto that plane!" the voice shouted. He felt the warm bodies of waiting passengers and crew around him, overwhelming his senses.


He felt he was already pulled thin, and the loud chattering around him didn't help his already frazzled emotions.

Love At First Sight

Haley was the most beautiful thing Brooks had ever seen, and as soon as they locked eyes, they knew they had something special. They spent every moment they could together, but there was one issue. Brooks had always wanted to become U.S military combat soldier.

The young couple decided nothing could get in the way of their love, and Brooks enlisted in the military.


He admired Haley's support, and two years later, he proposed to her. However, they didn't suspect what was waiting for them around the corner.

Exciting News

Everyone who knew Brooks Lindsey from Jackson, Mississippi, was happy for him and Haley. They thought they were the type of couple any couple would dream of being. Shortly after their marriage, the pair shared the exciting news with everyone. They were expecting a baby!

But Brooks had something weighing on his mind. He had been enlisted as a soldier and was excelling in his career, which meant it would impact his future.


It was a sacrifice he was willing to make, but he had no idea how much he would regret the decision later.

Seven Months Later

The couple had just found out that Hayley was pregnant, but just over a week later, Brooks was notified about a deployment to Kuwait. The papers stated that he would be gone for nine months.

The couple rushed and calculated the timing they had been given and realized that his deployment meant he chanced missing the birth of their child. Seven months later, Hayley's belly had grown.


The couple was happy, but that was before they got disappointing news.

Bad Timing

The soldiers were required to do special training before they were shipped out to Kuwait, which meant that Brooks had to fly out to Texas. But the timing was the most unfortunate.

The time that Brooks was supposed to be in Texas was the time the baby was supposed to be due. The couple tried not to panic and began thinking of ways he could still be there for the birth of their first child.


A Glimpse Of Hope

They spent a couple of hours looking into different options, and that's when Brooks realized that the Red Cross Could assist them. They had a program that offered special leave for soldiers expecting a child so they could be there for the birth.

Brooks and Haley were hopeful and decided to investigate further. Their hopes came crashing down again when they saw the requirements this special leave would take.

Facing Reality


They were struck with the reality that Brooks might miss their baby's birth. They learned that the process offered by the Red Cross only granted leave if the mother, baby, or both were in distress. It would also have to be confirmed by a medical professional.

Brooks' stomach dropped at what they had discovered. He had been so excited to become a father, and he felt heartbroken that he wouldn't be there to witness such an important moment in their lives.

Time To Leave

Soldiers worldwide have made and continue to make sacrifices and often have to leave their families behind to protect their country.


It was not easy for Brooks to say goodbye to his wife when the time for his deployment came. It broke his heart to leave her behind.

They had recently discovered their baby would be a girl, and the pair were over the moon about having a daughter. They spent many evenings debating about names and eventually settled on Millie. However, things weren't going to go as smoothly as they had hoped.

Saying Goodbye

Brooks was all set to leave for his training, but the couple was in tears as they said their goodbyes.


Leaving his seven-month-pregnant wife and his baby girl, who was soon to be born, was the most challenging thing he had ever had to do.

Brooks's training was tough, but he tried his best to keep in contact with Hayley. They Facetimed each other every chance they got so that she could keep him up-to-date with the pregnancy and any news that would affect the big day.

Her Last Checkup

Hayley went to every one of her checkups to make sure everything was going well, and it was. But the status changed when she went to her last checkup.


The doctors informed her that they had identified some complications.

They told Hayley that her delivery date would have to be moved forward, and she made sure to contact Brooks. But things got worse as time progressed.

Worrying News 

When Brooks checked in with the doctor on the day, he was informed that there were further complications and they would need to rush Haley in as the baby was in distress. 

Although deeply worried about his wife and daughter, Brooks also realized that this twist of fate meant he could now try to apply for special leave to be there with them.



Jumping Through Hoops

There were so many hoops to jump through to try to get Brooks cleared to come home for the birth. The rules were firmly set in place and facts were simply that men often did not get approval to leave their post to join the birth experience back home.

The Red Cross only approves this in particular situations when the pregnant woman is in distress. They didn't fall into that category so they had to come up with a plan.

Not Coming Home


The only good thing about missing such a life-altering event is that everything is well and good, and there is no need to worry. Since soldiers can't come home unless the woman is in distress, it's meant to seem like a blessing that everyone is well. Sure, they would love to be there with the mother of their child, but they should also feel blessed that nothing is wrong with the pregnancy.

Since Haley only had mildly high blood pressure, it didn't look like Brooke would be able to come home at all. But when Haley showed up for what appeared to be a routine checkup, everything changed in a moment.