Bride Loses Son Before Wedding, Realizes She's Been Set Up When Stranger Comes Forward


Love And Joy

Weddings should be filled with love and joy. But Becky Turner’s big day was also marked by a tragedy no parent should have to endure.

She thought she would never recover but life had other plans for her.

Upside Down

In October 2015, Becky Turner’s life was turned upside down. Her 19-year-old son Triston passed away in an accidental gunshot wound.

The teen was an organ donor and his organs were used so that others could live.



Her wedding had to be postponed so that the family could go through a period of intense grieving.

Eventually, Becky and her husband-to-be, Kelly, set to get married in Alaska, realized the pain wouldn’t go away so they went ahead with their plans.

Brave Face

Becky did her best to make her wedding with the man of her dreams go as well as possible.

She put on a brave face and smiled for her guests.


Then, suddenly, a stranger showed up and Becky burst into tears.

Everything Stopped

It was during the ceremony – just before Becky and Kelly were about to become husband and wife – when the wedding came to a halting stop.

Everyone looked around and Becky’s hand flew to her mouth in surprise.

Hiding A Secret

For several months, Kelly had been hiding a huge surprise from his bride-to-be – a surprise that would leave her and everyone else at the wedding in tears.

A gift that no one will ever match.


At the wedding, all of the seats were filled with the couple’s loved ones, including one chair that was reserved for Triston.

On it was written a special message that no one at the wedding will ever forget.