6-year-old boy calls 911 because he’s lonely, befriends officer


A Florida boy who called 911 because he was lonely has now made a friend for life in a kindhearted cop.

Tallahassee police officer Joe White responded to a local home after a six-year-old-boy, who is not being named publicly, called the police last week, unbeknownst to his mom.

While there was no emergency at the home, White said the child was upset and told him he was lonely.

“The young man asked Officer White to be his friend because he was lonely,” reads a

“Officer White took the time to explain how 911 is used and how it’s for emergencies. Then Officer White said he’d always be a friend!”

In addition to giving the child a lesson on the proper use of 911, White gave the child a stuffed animal and let him sit in the patrol car.


Since the heartwarming story was shared on Facebook, it has attracted hundreds of comments from people touched by the tale.

“Such a great story! Kudos to Officer White for being just what this young man needed — a friend. And a great opportunity for a learning experience — the importance of using 911 properly. Positive impact on all who have been touched by this story. Keep up the great work and friendship,” wrote Jean Smith.